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Get the best possible price for your diamonds with YL Diamonds, in London. With years of experience in the diamond trade, we can guarantee the highest possible price compared to local jewellers, pawnbrokers and other diamond wholesalers in London and elsewhere in the UK.


Sell your diamonds for cash, either in-person or online to us today for free. Exchange diamonds for cash with us. Our selling process is secure, fast and truly easy no matter where you are in the UK. Get the price you deserve with YL Diamonds.

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    How Do I Sell Diamonds for Cash?

    You can sell your diamonds for cash through various selling options in the UK. For example, local jewellers, high-street stores, auctions and even other diamond wholesalers. However, not all selling options can provide instant cash, nor will every option provide a price as high as we can offer here at YL Diamonds. 

    By choosing YL Diamonds to sell your diamonds for cash, we’ll ensure the best possible price is given to you. You can choose to exchange your diamonds for cash either in-person, or online via our postal service. Whichever selling method you opt for, it’s free with us! Our customers come first at YL diamonds.

    Get Instant Cash In-Person

    You can exchange your diamonds for instant cash by booking a free no obligation valuation in-person appointment. YL Diamonds is located in Hatton Gardens, London, the centre of diamond trade in the UK. Our in-person selling process means you can have your diamonds valued directly in front of you, while you wait. If happy with our quote, you can then get instant cash on the same day when exchanging your diamond jewellery pieces with us.

    Send & Sell Your Diamonds for Free

    We also offer an online selling method, which will mean you can sell your diamonds to us from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you live in the UK, we offer a free postal service. Your pre-loved diamond jewellery pieces will be sent directly to us in a fully insured, pre-paid for Royal Mail envelope.

    Why Choose Us?

    As established Hatton Garden diamond wholesalers YL Diamonds are uniquely placed to be able to correctly value your diamond and offer you the best possible price.

    Receive the best possible price

    Fully Insured

    Five star rated on Google

    Payment On The Spot

    In Office Valuation

    Make an appointment to visit us in our Hatton Garden office where we have the latest technology to grade your diamond in front of you.

    1. Bring your diamonds to us

    Come to our Hatton Garden office
    (by appointment only)

    2. Valuation

    Get a valuation from one of our diamond experts.

    3. Get paid on the spot

    With the best price guarenteed to be paid!

    Valuation By Post

    We will typically receive your parcel the next day & will call you as soon as we receive your parcel so that you know we have received it.

    1. Request a quote

    Send us a quote request to find out the diamonds true value.

    2. Send it to us

    Using one of our special and secure delivery bags.

    3. Get paid in 24 hours

    We confirm the offer once the diamonds are received and make the transfer the same day.

    Once we receive your diamond jewellery or diamonds, we can then provide an approximate value to you online. If happy with our offer, we will then provide your money on the same day via bank transfer. 

    Exchanging your diamonds for cash with us is easy and truly fast. However you’d like to sell your diamonds to us, we’re happy to help.

    How Much Cash Can I Get for My Diamonds?

    How much cash you can get in exchange for your diamonds will depend on a variety of factors – such as, the condition your diamond is in and what kind of diamond it is. To get a better idea of how much your diamond is worth, you can check it against the ‘4 Cs’, a common set of criteria diamond experts use to value diamonds.

    Value Your Diamonds with The 4 Cs

    The 4cs are a famous set of criteria expert diamond buyers can use to value your diamond jewellery pieces or loose diamonds. The quality of a diamond is determined by:

    1. Cut

    The cut of the diamond itself, how it is proportioned, angled and finished.

    2. Colour

    The colour of the diamond; the whiter the diamond, the higher the value.

    3. Clarity

    How clean the diamond is.

    4. Carat

    The weight of the diamond.

    Our highly-knowledgeable staff will also value your diamonds by using the latest technology. By combining both methods, alongside our years of experience in valuing diamonds, we can guarantee the highest possible price and care is given to your diamond items. 

    By providing us with any certifications or documents, will also help us provide a more approximate value. Yet, we are still happy to allow customers to exchange non-certified diamonds for cash as well as any pre-owned designer jewellery. Simply get in touch to find out more about how you can exchange your diamonds for cash.

    Sell Your Diamonds for Cash Fast

    Book a free no obligation valuation with YL Diamonds today. Our in-person appointments, at our Hatton Garden office in London, means you can see how we value your diamonds. If we’d like to buy your diamonds, we’ll also provide you with an instant quote. If happy with our offer, you can receive cash on the same day. Selling your diamonds with us is truly easy, and fast. 

    Get an expert valuation, for free, today with YL Diamonds. Whatever type of diamond you’re looking to sell, whether it be a diamond engagement ring, diamond bracelet or diamond earrings, we’re happy to provide instant cash in exchange for your diamond pieces. 

    Get in contact with us on 020 7965 7311, email us at info@yldiamonds or check out our Instagram.

    Jade H
    Jade H
    I got a really good price for my diamond ring. Joseph was extremely helpful in giving me the best deal I could get in comparison to other buyers in Hatton gardens. I highly recommend!
    Joshua Blakey
    Joshua Blakey
    Outstanding in every way. Joseph is honest/straightforward/knowledgeable/helpful and significantly better priced than competition. Buying a diamond was an absolute pleasure. Thank you!
    Welshy Girl
    Welshy Girl
    A fantastic experience at YL Diamonds. From initial communication to agreeing a price, Joseph was very amenable and patient. He took the time to speak to me and my partner about how prices were reached and why. This was done in a very unhurried way. He offered a higher price than competitors and there was no pressure. He was also happy to offer advice on some other items I decided not to sell in terms of how to get the best price. I would highly recommend YL Diamonds to anyone looking to sell their jewellery. Thank you so much for such an open and easy transaction.
    Lisa Barr
    Lisa Barr
    Joseph was great, he put me at ease, taught me an awful lot about diamonds and gave me a very fair price, if you’ve got diamonds to sell I really would recommend that you get in touch with him. Thank you Joseph
    Dan Burridge
    Dan Burridge
    Joseph was great to deal with and gave the best price on the street, a gentleman, and pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend
    Lettitia Hawken
    Lettitia Hawken
    I was very happy with the service YL Diamonds provided when I wanted to sell some pieces. They were thorough in their approach to valuing the diamonds and offering a fair and reasonable price. I would recommend to others in a heartbeat.
    Elizabeth Newberry
    Elizabeth Newberry
    Brilliant service. Would highly recommend. Very honest and informative. Easy communication throughout and also very accommodating.
    Amy Ratcliffe
    Amy Ratcliffe
    Polite, quick and efficient to deal with. Very glad I stumbled across them 🙂 thank you!
    Louise Winter
    Louise Winter
    The reviews are true. Excellent service. Couldn’t fault. Thank you Joseph.
    Shivam Lakhani
    Shivam Lakhani
    Joseph was honest, straightforward and provided me the best value and service. Would definitely recommend and use again.