FAQs about Diamond Selling


We buy GIA, HRD & IGI certified diamonds. You only need to supply the certificate number and we can use that information to send a quote to you, wherever you are.
In addition we buy non certified diamonds, and we have a particular interest in old cut diamonds. While an approximate valuation in such cases can be made using information such as the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut of the diamond, we can deliver a precise quote if you visit us in our friendly Hatton garden offices. This is where we’ll make use of the latest technology in order to asses and value the diamond in your presence and while you wait.

The value of your diamond is largely determined by what is known in the trade as the four Cs

CARAT: The weight of the diamond

COLOUR: The whiter the diamond is, the rarer it is, and this drives value higher

CLARITY:  The cleaner the diamond is, the higher any valuation will be

CUT: The way in which the stone reflects light, giving it the characteristic diamond sparkle.

Payment can be made in one of two ways:

1)    As a BACS transfer to your bank account while you wait, or as a same day payment if your diamond has been sent in by post.

2)    As a direct cash payment if you attend valuation in person.

We are diamond wholesalers, which means that we buy diamonds for stock, in contrast to many other dealers who buy in order to sell on to other wholesalers. This means that we eliminate any ‘middle man’, and are therefore able to offer the best possible price for your diamonds or jewellery.

Request a Quote

No certificate? Not a problem, give us whatever information you have and make an appointment to visit us in our Hatton Garden office where we have the latest technology to grade your diamond in front of you.

    There is no need to fill in the rest of the form if you can provide the certificate report number.