How Much Is My Diamond Worth?

Behind every diamond – there is a story. They’re a timeless gift which are high in sentimental value for many. Yet, if you’re looking to sell your diamond, whether it be a diamond engagement ring or perhaps a diamond pendant necklace – you may be wondering “how much is my diamond actually worth?”. At YL Diamonds, we can give you an approximate value for your diamond jewellery pieces. 

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    How Much Is a Diamond?

    The price of a diamond will depend on a variety of factors, such as its cut, clarity, colour and weight (carat). In addition, the worth of a diamond will also depend on the condition it is in when being sold, as well as if the owner has any of its original certificates. However, in the UK, average diamond prices will start at around £1,200 and can be sold for even hundreds of thousands depending on the diamond in question. 


    When buying or selling a diamond, whether it be a diamond engagement ring or diamond earrings, the price of the diamond will depend on a variety of factors. This is good news for people that are looking to buy diamonds while on a budget.

    How to Value a Diamond

    It is important to have a rough idea of how much your diamond is worth when selling it. This is because you will want to ensure the highest possible price is given for your pre-owned jewellery pieces. However, when using selling methods, such as through pawnshops or auctions, people will find that the true value is not given as a cut will be taken from the value for profit. 

    But, using a trusted and reputable diamond wholesaler like YL Diamonds will ensure the true worth is given when valuing your diamonds. Our diamond valuation process is completely transparent, so customers can be reassured that their diamonds are taken care of and the true total worth of them is provided. 

    Before selling a diamond, people often want to know a rough idea of what their diamond is worth. This can be achieved through various valuation methods we also use here at YL Diamonds.

    Valuing a Diamond Using the 4 C’s

    In the diamond trade, the 4 Cs are an infamous set of criteria that both diamond wholesalers and retailers can use to better understand the worth of a diamond. The 4 C’s was a guideline originally established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The 4 C’s are as follows:

    1. Carat

    The carat of a diamond refers to its weight. 1 carat equals 200 milligrams which equates to 0.007055 ounces. Generally, the higher the carat, the higher the diamond is worth in price.

    2. Colour

    Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and even colours. Yet, the most popular diamond colour is white. This is because a colourless diamond allows more light in, consequently, making for a more sparkly diamond. 

    The colour of a diamond also has its own grading system which ranges from D – Z. A white Diamond would be graded ‘D’, while a coloured one would be labelled ‘Z’. 

    It is important to note that blue diamonds are an exemption – they are graded using their own rules. A more coloured blue diamond, the higher in price.

    3. Clarity

    The clarity of a diamond refers to its ‘purity’. The more pure a diamond, or one which is in better condition, will likely be given a higher price when selling it. 


    Naturally, a diamond may become impure with time as it is worn, resulting in blemishes or external marks which may be noticeable when selling. So, the more ‘pure’ a diamond, the higher the price. 


    At YL Diamonds, like other gemologists do, we can value the clarity of a diamond using the latest technology. Though the naked eye will reveal part of a diamond’s worth, using technology that can view the diamond magnified will help us better understand the diamond’s clarity. 


    Diamonds, when considering clarity, are graded from IF (Internally Flawless) to I3 (Level 3, Included, or including blemishes).

    4. Cut

    The cut of a diamond also determines its price. But, the cut of a diamond is in the hands of who crafted it. So, when selling your diamond, it is important to keep this in mind. 

    Diamonds come in various shapes – from round or princess cut diamond rings to cushion and emerald diamond shapes. The cut of the diamond is valued in terms of how light reflects through the cut, its symmetry as well as its proportions and polish. 

    When buying or selling a diamond, it is important to remember that the cut of a diamond will heavily influence its price. Lower grade cuts will evidently be sold for a lower price.

    Valuing Diamonds Using a Diamond Certificate

    The grading certificate is also a valuable document which can help us, and you, determine the price of your diamond. At YL Diamonds, we have a particular interest in buying GIA, HRD and IGI certified diamonds. This is because these are considered the most reputable and renowned certified diamonds. 

    A diamond certificate, in short, verifies what you have bought or are selling is natural – or, the real deal. But, that’s not to say we can’t value or buy diamonds that don’t have a certificate. 

    So, if you’re looking to sell a diamond without an original certificate then get in touch and we’d be happy to help find its worth.

    How Much Is a 1 Carat Diamond Worth in the UK?

    A commonly asked question online and in-store is “how much is a 1 carat diamond worth?”. This is likely because 1 carat diamonds are the most popular choice for brides in the UK and worldwide. Yet, people do often part ways with their diamond engagement or wedding rings. 

    A 1 carat diamond in the UK’s worth can range from £3,000 to even over £20,000. How much a 1 carat diamond is worth will also depend on the condition it is in and where it was bought from.

    How Much Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth?

    Lab grown diamonds, generally, are worth around 20 to 40% less than natural diamonds. This is because lab created diamonds are cheaper to make. In recent years, lab created diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and valuable in price. 

    If you have a lab grown diamond that you are looking to value, get in touch with us today.

    Are Sapphires Worth More Than Diamonds?

    Though sapphires are rare, diamonds tend to be worth more in price. This is because diamonds tend to be rarer, are today found in purer forms and are higher in demand in the diamond market. 

    Yet, that’s not to say your sapphire diamond ring or earrings can’t be sold for a high price. We can help value your sapphires for free at YL Diamonds.

    Do You Have a Diamond to Sell?

    As diamond jewellery pieces are often given as gifts to loved ones or inherited through families, their worth can often be high in sentimental value. However, many people do part ways with their diamonds. While doing so, they may be confused about how much their diamonds are truly worth and how they can value them. 

    If you’re considering selling your diamond and are unsure what it is worth – look no further. YL Diamonds, an established family-run business, can give you an approximate value for your diamond jewellery pieces. Whether it be you’re selling a diamond engagement ring or a diamond pendant necklace, we can help give you the highest possible price. 

    Book an in-person free appointment at our Hatton Garden office today and sell your diamonds in London. Alternatively, if you live far away or cannot visit, then you can use our free online diamond selling service in which we will value your diamond for free before you choose to sell to us.

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